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Lofoten Bio Centre



Lofoten Bio Centre is a competence hub for people and organization setting goals and objectives beyond business as usual. Tenants must be at the forefront of its industry, leading the way by creating and developing solutions for known and unknown challenges.

The residents

ACD Pharma - is the first company to industrialize the use of bacteriophages in aquaculture with the introduction of its Custus® product line. During development ACD Pharma created a sophisticated technological platform enabling it to detect, isloate and grow bacteriophages.  

STIM - is Norway's largest knowledge hub within the aquaculture industry. An integral part of the industry for more than 34 years, STIM has developed and introduced several industry defining innovations, and continues to push for a future of improved fish health and reduced production cost for its clients. 

Polarfeed - quality feed create quality feed. Its simplistic approach to creating the best possible feed for the recipient continues to deliver results in a league of its own. Customers are reaping the benefits of Polarfeed's rigorous adherence to quality over quantity with results exceeding expectations. 

Paradigm Aquatic - is the future of aquaculture. Its purpose is simple, become the world's most profitable fish farming operation. At its core it is complex, creating the healthiest fish possible by combining available technology with groundbreaking biological innovations. 


Aquamed - specialized producer of medicinal feed for aquaculture.

Havbruksakademiet Nord vgs. - a private high school providing top tier education for future workers and leaders in aquaculture and beyond.  

Utror - is at the forefront in the development and industrialization of offshore fish farming. 

Havguard - Leveraging AI to build underwater mesh networks

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Lofoten Bio Centre

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